Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Parking Parking Where Art Thou ?

Anybody been to Bangsar recently ?

Driving around Bangsar’s Telawi area on a weekday during business hours is a nightmare … and looking for a parking space near the shops … even worse.

Well guess what ? It’s even worse now.
Remember the little alleys near the houses … remember we could park there ?


They’ve shut them off to cars and now we’re left with no option but to either park near Lucky Garden (good luck … park near the front and your car gets pelted with bird poo) or to park at the Bangsar Village car parks. Menyusahkan la !

Not complaining about the parking lots in Bangsar Village though. They’re clean, safe and well lit.

I’m just saying that we’ve lost some ample parking space because of this exercise and also we’ve lost our escape routes whenever the Telawi area gets jammed up.

I know a lotta folks are saying, “What’s the big deal ?” … it is a big deal if you go to Bangsar often. Bangsar offers almost a one-stop area to pay your bills, get your bank stuff sorted out, go grocery shopping, makan-makan a bit and probably get some exercise in at the gyms or a massage at a reputable Thai massage place. We’re losing options to park where we want to.

I can only hope that this is only a temporary measure and they’ll open up the alleys again for parking and drive-thru.

Now where else do I have an issue with ? Oh yeah … Damansara Uptown and Hartamas ! If you’re one of ‘em who double park and cause jams … beware … my next posting on parking, cars and the Malaysian traffic system might just involve you too !

But for now … tell me what you think about the parking in Bangsar. Feel the same way ? Maybe not ? Please do comment.

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