Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They're Back !!!

Well technically … they really didn’t go anywhere but I’ve just been trying my darndest to avoid them and ignore them.

Who am I talking about ?

The night illegal parking attendants !!!

They’re everywhere … like the ghosts in 6th Sense !

Damansara Uptown, Hartamas, Solaris, Bangsar … you name it … they’re there. It’s amazing that they do this blatantly and everyone knows they do it yet no one does anything about it. We, the public, can’t do much cos :-

#1 – if we’re hard-up for parking, we pay ‘em … not to look after our cars but so they won’t do anything to our cars
#2 – they’ve got gangs and they’ve got a boss who is scary looking

So what do we do ? We either pay ‘em or we try to find parking in some other place far away from where we wanna go to. And it’s gotten worse these days.

How ? ... you ask ...

Just go to Hartamas or Solaris. They’ve cordoned off parking lots for their “business”. They act like enforcement officers and I’ve seen ‘em threaten the public who complain to their faces that what they’re doing is illegal. Some will even “help” you out by taking the keys to your car cos they offer “valet” services. Here’s the surprising part. These guys look dodgy and dangerous and folks actually hand over the keys to their cars !


Why aren’t the authorities doing something about this ? This is out and out burglary !

I tried to get some video evidence but unfortunately to catch them in the act meant me getting up-close … which I tried … and they didn’t seem pleased that I had my phone camera on them. Damn that red light on my phone. They were “apa lu buat ?”.

Scary right ?!

Anyway … hopefully something can be done cos it’s been going on for far too long.

More rants from me soon so keep checking in with me and if you’ve got any comments or you know of any location or if you’ve had enough with these illegal parking attendants problem, please leave your thoughts here as well.


  1. I totally understand how you feel about this JD and it's weird that the authorities aren't doing anything about this, well maybe they are doing something that we know not of.

    Anyway I did come across this hotline once, maybe you could call them and report these activities to the relevant authorities.
    603 26179925 DBKL - hotlink for illegal parking attendants.

    Happy Dialing!


  2. Oh man, I've had this issue for years.
    Its even in Ipoh when I went up to visit some family memebers (somewhere around the Ipoh Salted Chicken / Taugeh restaurant area).

    Scary stuff.