Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Wow !!!

Aly’s turning 30 this weekend … it’s a huge turning point in your life.

Terry recently turned 30 as well.

Me ? … I turned 30 a couple of years back and it just makes you think about how your life has progressed … how there were things you wanted to do but didn’t get to because you didn’t have enough time … no money … no one to do it with … so many excuses … so little done !

The next big one for me is 40 … and I’m NOT gonna let it happen again !!!

So … what do I wanna do before I’m 40 ?

Here’s my to do list …

- Go watch a Manchester United match at Old Trafford
- Go to ALL the Grand Slam tournaments i.e. Australian, French, Wimbledon and US
- Go to the Grammys … and the Oscars
- Act in a Hollywood movie
- Rock it out at Wembley
- Get a Grammy with my band
- Play tennis with Pete Sampras and Roger Federer
- Go to the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt
- Go skiing in the Alps
- Explore Europe for a year
- Own a BMW

Let’s see … I’m 33 now … fast approaching my 34th … that’s 6 years !!!

What do you think ? … can I make it in time ?

I have to try …

What else do you think I need in my list ?


There’s so much tennis to be seen LIVE in Malaysia in the next couple of weeks !!!

At the end of the US Open (where Nadal completed his career slam) … I thought … OK … that’s it for the next couple of months and for a tennis junkie like me … I kinda get tennis withdrawal. Of course you get the end-of-year Championships where only Slam winners, Masters winners and high achievers get to play but that’s far off still !!!

But I gotta give kudos to event organizers in Malaysia for bringing in some tennis legends to our shores … Boris Becker, Ivan Lendl, Goran Ivanisevic, Pat Cash, Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova will be coming down for the Showdown Of Champions “A Night Of Aces” and the best part is … I get to emcee the event AND … I get to meet Anna !!! … oh the things I need to ask her !

But that’s not all … the Malaysian Open is coming around again !!! The top players on the ATP will be coming down to pick-up as many points (and the cash prize) to qualify for the year ending Championships.

If you’re a TRUE tennis fan … I hope you’ve been tuning in to Red FM cos we’ve been giving away passes to the Showdown of Champions and I will see you there ! Bring your memorabilia for the stars to sign … and you know what I really wanna try ?

I wanna try to return one of Goran’s serve … he was (after all) the Ace Machine !!!

I think this is gonna be an annual event … so which champ would you like to see make it to our shores ?

Oh tennis … tennis everywhere !!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Contrary to belief … I actually love the month of Ramadhan !!!

Dilly fasts so as her buddy … I fast along with her and it just makes the experience of looking forward to Hari Raya Aidilfitri that much more exciting !

It also makes the daily experience of fasting from sun up till sun down very rewarding with our annual trek around the Klang Valley in search of the ultimate pasar Ramadhan !!!

So today was day #1 of fasting and we head to the one in Bangsar ...

… I’m not sure if it’s 1st day blues or the fact that my expectations were too high …

… Bangsar’s pasar Ramadhan did NOT rock !!!

… it lacks variety … it lacks atmosphere and did I mention it lacks variety … no kuih-muih … did I mention it lacks variety !!!


Overall … we could only give it a rating of 1 out of 5 lemangs.

We’re heading to PJ Section 14 tomorrow … look out for my post !!!

I DID IT !!!

FEAR !!!
Nothing but mind numbing … muscle freezing fear !!!

It’s 2pm on Saturday and I’m driving to pick up Dilly for our challenge at Sunway Lagoon.

We’ve been doing challenges as part of our “Red FM 60K Music Takeaway” campaign and for the final “Gone In 60 Seconds” challenge … the bosses picked THE BUNGY @ SUNWAY LAGOON !!!

OK … so I call Dilly to tell her I’m picking her up … she says she’s not ready … that’s not good. I’m already so nervous … it’s amazing I can still figure out which pedal does what in my car !

So … she’s NOT ready !!! WHAT DO I DO ?!

I head to Sunway Giza … and puke my guts out !!! Butterflies in my stomach all taking a “porcelain cruise” right now … and do I feel better ?


So … I pick her up … we drive to Sunway Lagoon … and meet up with all the listeners who won all-area passes (thank you Sunway Lagoon) and we head to the …


… we’re walking … and walking … and then I see the suspension bridge … and then … I SEE IT !!!


But I’m not gonna chicken out as well !!! No way am I gonna give Terry bragging rights !!! … so up the stairs I go to the suspension bridge … and you know how they say “once you get there … you’ll be fine” … that’s all a load of BULL !!!

We sign in … get our weights … and strap in and who goes first ?


Before the Red FM group … we see other people jumping off … and it doesn’t seem real until Dilly steps unto the ramp and then …

5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … BUNGY !!!

… and her head disappears below the bridge and then I know … THIS IS FOR REAL !!!

… all I can hear is Dilly’s screams !!!

I’m freaking out here … who’s next ? It’s Terry and Aly in tandem … she’s freaking out !!! Not helping my nerves I tell ya !!! … and they jump … Aly screams hysterically !!!

AND I’M NEXT !!! O … M … G !!!!

They strap me in … and I say “I want water” !!!

WHAT AM I SAYING ?!?! … it’s weird what comes outta your mouth when you’re freakin’ out !!!

… and then I’m standing on the ramp … DAMN IT’S HIGH UP !!!

… and then they start counting … WHAT THE **** AM I DOING HERE ?!?!!?

… 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … BUNGY !!!

… and I jump … I see the Sunway hotel … I see a the Red FM listeners … I see water … BOOOM !!!


What an experience … now I wanna do it again !!! Wanna join me ?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


No … not footsie !!!

Footie … as in football … soccer … the beautiful game … whatever you wanna call it la !!!

This year has NOT been as bad as most off-seasons since we did have the FIFA World Cup in South Africa … but still … if you’re a footie fan … you want weekly club football !!! That’s what it’s all about and if you’re an English football fan … the traditional opener to the season is something most don’t exactly wait in anticipation for … THE COMMUNITY SHIELD !!!

What used to be a match between the League champs and FA Cup champs for charity with the 2 sharing the spoils if it’s a draw at the end has become more of a view on who’s going to win the league at the end of the season. Since Chelsea won both the League and the FA Cup … it’s gonna be between them and the league runner-up Manchester United.

Traditionally … everytime Man U plays … and LOSES … we win the League … we’ll see how it pans out this season.

But … here are my predictions for the season :-

Top 5 teams in the league (in no particular order) :
Manchester United
Manchester City
… and let’s throw in a black horse in there shall we … NEWCASTLE UNITED !!!

What are your predictions ?


I can’t believe I’m gonna do it this Sunday !!!

It’s something that every bone in my body tells me NOT to do … yet I HAVE to do it !!!


… cos the bosses have forced me … and the other Red FM jocks to do it !!! … so what am I talking about here ? … this Sunday … at 3pm … I’m gonna be …


We’re ALL heading over to Sunway Lagoon for our little leap of faith … and thanks to Bungy Malaysia for making this jump possible.

So why are we risking life-and-limb here ?

If you missed out on it on-air … basically what happened was the bosses have been unhappy with our challenges so far … the first was “The Big Shrimp Off” between Terry and myself … and then it was Aly and Dilly getting “Bowled Over” … they (the bosses) felt it wasn’t exciting enough and decided to up the ante !!!

So now … there’s a strong possibility that we might need new pants after the challenge is done … but I’m determined to go thru with it anyway … who knows … it might even get me over my fear of heights … MAYBE !!!

If you wanna watch us do the jump … Sunway Lagoon has graciously offered us all-area double passes to Red FM fans and all you gotta do is log on to the Red FM Breakfast Show Facebook page and PM us your details … and we’ll see you there !!!

Have you ever bungy jumped before ? … what’s it like ?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


No … I’m not talking about the ziggy-zigs that the Spice Girls sang about !

I’m talking about my new Reebok ZigTechs !

First of all … lemme just say it’s one of the most unique shoes I’ve ever worn and it looks so darned cool !

According to the manufacturer … it “delivers a wave if energy while working out … working out just became more efficient” … it reduces wear and tear on key leg muscles by up to 20% … delivers a wave of energy along the length of the outsole … creates a lightweight, flexible and stable ride …


Then one I got (see picture above) is the black and yellow one … sorta like a bumblebee !

I wonder which one Thierry Henry or Lewis Hamilton got ? … they’re Reebok’s worldwide sports ambassadors and hey … if Henry and Hamilton’s got Zigs on … I figured I’d definitely wanna get one !

OK … besides it’s totally awesome look … I’ve tried it out for real already meaning … used it to run and I gotta say … they’re mighty comfy ! I’m SUPER particular of the way a show grips my foot while I’m running … I like it to hold my feet … but not strangle it. That’s what a lotta shoes do … in order for them to feel snug … you have to tighten the strings to the max … not these babies.

I’m also very particular about impact … my knees aren’t what they used to be … and as I’m on the tennis court a fair bit … I really wanna have shoes that pamper me while I’m doing strenuous exercises … I wonder if they’ll ever do a ZigTech version for tennis shoes … that’d be rad !

Trust me … if you’re in the market for a new running shoe … or just a pair of sneakers that you can walk about town or in the malls and you wanna look super cool doing it … I’d get one of the ZigTechs ! ZERO COMPLAINTS from me my friends !