Wednesday, September 22, 2010


There’s so much tennis to be seen LIVE in Malaysia in the next couple of weeks !!!

At the end of the US Open (where Nadal completed his career slam) … I thought … OK … that’s it for the next couple of months and for a tennis junkie like me … I kinda get tennis withdrawal. Of course you get the end-of-year Championships where only Slam winners, Masters winners and high achievers get to play but that’s far off still !!!

But I gotta give kudos to event organizers in Malaysia for bringing in some tennis legends to our shores … Boris Becker, Ivan Lendl, Goran Ivanisevic, Pat Cash, Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova will be coming down for the Showdown Of Champions “A Night Of Aces” and the best part is … I get to emcee the event AND … I get to meet Anna !!! … oh the things I need to ask her !

But that’s not all … the Malaysian Open is coming around again !!! The top players on the ATP will be coming down to pick-up as many points (and the cash prize) to qualify for the year ending Championships.

If you’re a TRUE tennis fan … I hope you’ve been tuning in to Red FM cos we’ve been giving away passes to the Showdown of Champions and I will see you there ! Bring your memorabilia for the stars to sign … and you know what I really wanna try ?

I wanna try to return one of Goran’s serve … he was (after all) the Ace Machine !!!

I think this is gonna be an annual event … so which champ would you like to see make it to our shores ?

Oh tennis … tennis everywhere !!!

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  1. I have been playing competitive tennis in Canada but have never won.I never get past the first round of any singles event!Again in my Over 35 Club Championships,I lost in the first round.No Good!!!!