Wednesday, July 21, 2010


No … I’m not talking about the ziggy-zigs that the Spice Girls sang about !

I’m talking about my new Reebok ZigTechs !

First of all … lemme just say it’s one of the most unique shoes I’ve ever worn and it looks so darned cool !

According to the manufacturer … it “delivers a wave if energy while working out … working out just became more efficient” … it reduces wear and tear on key leg muscles by up to 20% … delivers a wave of energy along the length of the outsole … creates a lightweight, flexible and stable ride …


Then one I got (see picture above) is the black and yellow one … sorta like a bumblebee !

I wonder which one Thierry Henry or Lewis Hamilton got ? … they’re Reebok’s worldwide sports ambassadors and hey … if Henry and Hamilton’s got Zigs on … I figured I’d definitely wanna get one !

OK … besides it’s totally awesome look … I’ve tried it out for real already meaning … used it to run and I gotta say … they’re mighty comfy ! I’m SUPER particular of the way a show grips my foot while I’m running … I like it to hold my feet … but not strangle it. That’s what a lotta shoes do … in order for them to feel snug … you have to tighten the strings to the max … not these babies.

I’m also very particular about impact … my knees aren’t what they used to be … and as I’m on the tennis court a fair bit … I really wanna have shoes that pamper me while I’m doing strenuous exercises … I wonder if they’ll ever do a ZigTech version for tennis shoes … that’d be rad !

Trust me … if you’re in the market for a new running shoe … or just a pair of sneakers that you can walk about town or in the malls and you wanna look super cool doing it … I’d get one of the ZigTechs ! ZERO COMPLAINTS from me my friends !

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