Wednesday, July 7, 2010


In my last post … I spoke about my new obsession … authentic Mamak mee goreng.

I sure ain’t gonna drive back up to Penang to my favorite haunts in Swatow Lane, Bangkok Lane or padang Kota for the delicious (but potentially artery clogging) delicacy !

So I started searching for it in the Klang Valley … anything even close to a Penang styled Mamak mee goreng would suffice … what I didn’t realize was how tough the search would be.

I’m not proud of it … but I headed for the chain “Nasi Kandar” places around the Klang Valley … so to Pelita … to Kayu … to all the chain ones la … NOTHING EVEN CLOSE !!!

I’m not saying the food wasn’t good but when I ordered mamak mee goreng … I expected this plate of dry fried fiery red noodles … what did I get here ? … it looked like any other fried yellow noodles … it was brownish … wasn’t spicy … no sotong (unless you requested) and it was just … unexciting !

I’m gonna broaded my search this week … we’ll see what turns up but if you’ve got any suggestions … drop me a line … the only people benefiting from this little “treasure hunt” of mine are the petrol companies and parking attendants.


  1. I was in Bangkok Lane just yesterday. Had the famous 'mee goreng' but I think since I'm KL based, the noodles were nothing to shout about (in fact, most of the KL food chains don't make good mee goreng). So let me know if you find the Valhalla of Mee Goreng.

  2. USJ 17's Sri Melur or SS15's Silva... those r my hot spots... but if it still doesnt make it for u, then yr Penang style must be out of this world...