Wednesday, June 30, 2010


TV … is dangerous !!!

I’m not talking about the radiation … not about how the vibrant colors can mess with your eyes …

NOPE !!! … none of that !!!

TV is dangerous … to my waistline !!!

After watching an AFC show recently that had the host cruising around the streets of Penang looking for the best hawker food … and he found a classic one … Mamak Mee Goreng !!!

The host had a very in-depth session with the proprietor of the stall at Lorong Bangkok … I initially did not recognize the place but the moment he spoke to the guy behind the enormous wok … I was like “I KNOW THIS PLACE … I’VE EATEN THERE BEFORE !!!”

There’s something very unique about Penang style Mamak Mee Goreng … you can go to any nasi kandar chain here in KL … you can go to “Penang styled” makan places … nothing … and I mean … NOTHING … comes close to the original.

Is it the water ? … the weather ? … the people ?

Who knows ?

But now … I’m on a mission to find the BEST Mamak Mee Goreng in KL that can closely match the mediocre ones in Penang … let’s not even talk about trying to match the best la !!!

It’s gotta be spicy … fiery RED … dry … and has “sotong” (calamari) and the works !!!

If you know of any place like this in the Klang Valley … tell me about it … I’ll have a taste test and we’ll see how it matches the ones in Penang yo !!!

Leave your suggestions in the comments bin y’all !!!

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  1. YOUR NEW OBSESSION.Mission to find the BEST Mamak Mee Goreng in KL.

    I used to think that travelling around KL town you will be able to find the Best authentic dishes or mamak stalls.And strangely the Mamak Mee Goreng with fiery red noodles and Calamari rings,not to mention "dry" could just be underneath your own eyes,standing nearby your house where you live!(KL/Klang Valley).If you take the initiative to walk out,don't drive,use your intuition and your senses to where all mothers walk out to buy food each morning,suddenly you realize there be a new stall one day that you've never seen before and it sells all sorts of Mamak mee goreng and the colour is "RED".(fiery red spicy noodles with sotong)And it tastes exactly the match in Penang!