Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Footie fan or not … you can NOT deny the fact that the FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest event on the planet !!!

Everything revolves around it … commerce, news, entertainment … food even !!!

So what is it about this competition that fans the flames of rivalry between fans around the world ? … I mean … look at us here in Malaysia … our national football team has as much of a chance of making it into the competition as a salmon has escaping a Grizzly’s jaws !!! … so what is it ?

I think … it’s got everything to do with MARKETING !!!

I think the World Cup is one of the best marketed sports competitions in the world … even surpassing the Olympics … everyone (and I mean everyone if the Americans now want a piece of the pie). If girls watch it (and we know how much most Malaysian girls despise football) … then you know it’s been marketed to them as well … how ?

2 words !!!

Handsome men !!!

Suddenly … women are fans of the beautiful game (happens every years la) … they’ll be able to name players like Iker Casillas … Christiano Ronaldo and possibly one of the Italians … tell ‘em about Carlos Tevez … they go blank !

Guys are just plain football freaks la … we support national teams of other countries like we lived there … and every 4 years … we risk the wrath of our bosses (if you’re working) or our teachers/lecturers (if you’re a student) by either going in to work/class late or just not plain going at all (I’m sure production of MCs skyrocket during this time).

So … I hope you’ve been prepping for this … we have been waiting 4 years for this … and it’s happening in around a week … I’m excited … are you ?

Who’s your pick for this year ? Italy again ? … or do you fancy Brazil again ? … or a dark horse perhaps !

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  1. I bought a matching set of Italia football t-shirt and short pants for my son just because it's the Fifa World Cup and I didn't catch whether they win.I guess the football fever has everyone buying even clothes that spotlight their favourites.I like Switzerland but I think Spain got better than them.Frankly,it's the fever.