Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I kinda knew it was gonna happen … it’s been a couple of days and my favorite hamster Olive hasn’t looked her usual self.

She’s usually very affectionate, very active (she runs the wheel like she was possessed) and eats a heckuva lot. On Saturday … she seemed a lil under the weather … which happens to hamsters so I wasn’t overly worried. So … to make her comfy … I moved her into her other cage (she has 3) and gave her new bedding, fresh water and a lot of food. Evening came around and it didn’t seem like she touched the food nor the water and she kept changing positions to sleep … she seemed really uncomfortable.

Sunday morning … I wake up … check on her … and she’s asleep … which is odd cos in the morning … she’s usually (as usual) running the wheel. This time … she wasn’t. Her breathing seemed a little shallow and her eyes were closed tight … a little teary. I’m getting a little worried now.

So Sunday’s kept aside for her … my buddy … Olive … my favorite. I take her out of her cage and hold her in my hands (which she loves) and she’s out cold in my warm hands … I hope she’s comfy. “I hope she can sleep this off”.

Monday comes around … and I’m off to work again after a couple of days off and I’m busy with work … running around after that for an event and I’m home late … a little after dinner. I’m exhausted but I check up on her … she’s still asleep … good news is that she managed to drink some of the water I gave her but her food bowl is still full. “I’ll just let her sleep” I thought and went to bed hoping that she’ll be fine tomorrow (Tuesday).

Then Tuesday comes around and as usual … I’m up at 4am … I shower, have a bit of breakfast and check up on her … she’s AWAKE !!! Yay … but she still looks a little groggy … I pet her … and she gave me an approving nod … which is always her signal to me to say “I like that” (I assume). So I’m off to work … with a renewed hope that my best friend … a hamster … might just pull thru and recover from whatever illness she had.

I get home in the afternoon after work … excited to see how she’s doing … and what do I see ? She’s sleeping again … waitaminute … she’s not breathing. I open the cage and pet her … no response. My WORST fear … Olive has passed away. The time we had in the morning was the last time I got to hold her and pet her while she was still alive.

Not realizing how close I’ve gotten to this tiny hamster … I felt a sense of loss I haven’t felt in a long time. When my other hamster Pepper passed on … I was sad … but this time, with Olive, I was literally floored. I can NOT begin to tell you how much I miss Olive … I’ll miss the times she walks on my computer table while I’m happily typing away … or how she comes to me after letting her roam my living room floor … she was more than just a hamster … she was my best friend … and I’m gonna miss her !

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