Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Been looking forward to this break for a while now … Dilly and I are taking some time off from The Red FM Breakfast Show and thanks to our producer Yin and to Terry for covering for us.

Also … something else happened recently … yesterday … I celebrated my 33rd birthday. I got to celebrate it the way I liked … quietly ! Hehe … I’m not big on birthdays these days. When I was a kid … 33 seemed like such an old age. Now that I’m approaching my mid-30s … it ain’t no biggie. I don’t mind a small do with my family and close friends but having a huge party … I dunno.

I just don’t see the point of celebrating anything that isn’t significant at the moment … for instance … going from 19 to 20 … big deal … 20 to 21 … even bigger deal cos it’s “from a boy to a man” time … then nothing really significant happens between 21 and 29 … except for the fact that you’re in college and you just look for an excuse to party !

When I turned 30 … I thought it was kinda huge … so I celebrated. But then I also got a little freaked out cos I was leaving my 20s behind and it was time to be a “responsible adult” (which hasn’t really happened yet by the way).

So … from now till I’m 40 … I’ll be happy with small birthday celebrations … but (expensive) gifts are always welcome hehehe !!!

Right now … I just wanna enjoy my break and I’ll be back on-air next Monday !

See ya !!


  1. Congrats and happy belated birthday man.
    35 is the new 25 by the way.

  2. Nobody remembers my birthday for the past 30years,until I sign-up with Yahoo,on the eve of that day,I had messages on my e-mail wishing me Happy birthday and that reminded me of that which I took to my own hands to walk out and give myself a good treat for all the hard work I put in my house and chores.