Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Eddie Jordan … the very mention of his name in motor racing brings forth memories of the Formula 1 champions he’s brought into the sport … Aryton Senna … Michael Schumacher. I always thought he never got the respect he deserved especially considering what a great team Jordan Racing was.

So how did I … JD … a fan of the sport get a chance to meet the great Irish racer ?

Well … it’s Formula 1 season and everything in Malaysia around this time revolves around the sport and while it’s a great money spinner for retail outlets but it’s also a great time for organizations to think of the less fortunate … and think of them they did. By “they”, I mean the wonderful folks from the Shangri-La group in Penang (Rasa Sayang, Golden Sands and Traders).

Sulaiman TAR (the Director of Comms for Rasa Sayang) spearheads this charity drive for The Lighthouse in Penang where they offer food and clothing to the under-privileged and homeless on the island. Great job by him and his team in raising funds to help out the folks at Lighthouse but with the F1 race in Sepang rolling around … there’s always an opportunity for a big name to add glamour and exposure to this calling … and in steps the great Eddie Jordan.

He was cool … he was a charmer (as Dilly will attest to) … and along with his band The Robbers … he entertained the crowd with a medley-after-medley of cover songs. They absolutely rocked the crowd and as emcees for the event … Dilly and I got to get up close with the man.

We hope we helped the Shangri-La group in Penang with their fundraising drive for The Lighthouse charity and also thanks so much for having us there as well … and giving me a chance to meet one of my heroes when I was a kid !

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  1. As a christian,I always believe in helping the poor.When I was outstation studying and joining the Christian fellowship,we also did charity work like raising funds by getting donations from wealthy people and visiting the handicapped or retarded or even accident-proned patients who were from our school at the hospital,although our days were limited.So it isn't new to me to show kindness to the less fortunate and yet to respect the elderlys still......