Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I can’t believe I’m gonna do it this Sunday !!!

It’s something that every bone in my body tells me NOT to do … yet I HAVE to do it !!!


… cos the bosses have forced me … and the other Red FM jocks to do it !!! … so what am I talking about here ? … this Sunday … at 3pm … I’m gonna be …


We’re ALL heading over to Sunway Lagoon for our little leap of faith … and thanks to Bungy Malaysia for making this jump possible.

So why are we risking life-and-limb here ?

If you missed out on it on-air … basically what happened was the bosses have been unhappy with our challenges so far … the first was “The Big Shrimp Off” between Terry and myself … and then it was Aly and Dilly getting “Bowled Over” … they (the bosses) felt it wasn’t exciting enough and decided to up the ante !!!

So now … there’s a strong possibility that we might need new pants after the challenge is done … but I’m determined to go thru with it anyway … who knows … it might even get me over my fear of heights … MAYBE !!!

If you wanna watch us do the jump … Sunway Lagoon has graciously offered us all-area double passes to Red FM fans and all you gotta do is log on to the Red FM Breakfast Show Facebook page and PM us your details … and we’ll see you there !!!

Have you ever bungy jumped before ? … what’s it like ?


  1. I have no fear of heights. The last leap of faith(Jump) was 11 years ago, in Bangkok,with my family.Over the sea.

  2. i don't know but i would really like to try...^^