Wednesday, August 4, 2010


No … not footsie !!!

Footie … as in football … soccer … the beautiful game … whatever you wanna call it la !!!

This year has NOT been as bad as most off-seasons since we did have the FIFA World Cup in South Africa … but still … if you’re a footie fan … you want weekly club football !!! That’s what it’s all about and if you’re an English football fan … the traditional opener to the season is something most don’t exactly wait in anticipation for … THE COMMUNITY SHIELD !!!

What used to be a match between the League champs and FA Cup champs for charity with the 2 sharing the spoils if it’s a draw at the end has become more of a view on who’s going to win the league at the end of the season. Since Chelsea won both the League and the FA Cup … it’s gonna be between them and the league runner-up Manchester United.

Traditionally … everytime Man U plays … and LOSES … we win the League … we’ll see how it pans out this season.

But … here are my predictions for the season :-

Top 5 teams in the league (in no particular order) :
Manchester United
Manchester City
… and let’s throw in a black horse in there shall we … NEWCASTLE UNITED !!!

What are your predictions ?

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  1. Chelsea,because Chelsea Clinton got married.

    But then again, I predict Manchester United.