Wednesday, September 23, 2009


When was the last time you really enjoyed a comic book adapted movie ?
I’m guessing most would answer … Transformers 2 was OK right ?

I agree … Transformers 2 was awesome … if you’re a Transformers fan. I recently watched it again and I watched it from a non-fan point of view and, to be honest, was a little disappointed with it. I’m starting to see what everybody else has been saying … Jerry Bruckheimer messed the movie up. Great visual effects (except for the robot chick with the tail that molests Sam Witwicky) and great sound and all that but the story … COME ON !!!

This got me thinking.

What other comic book/cartoon series adaptation movie promised a lot but bombed big time at the box office cos of bad production/storyline/directing/acting. Here’s my list of the 10 worst (I’ve got a ten best as well coming up so relax la !).

- League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
- Daredevil
- Superman 3 and 4 (was there a 5 ?)
- The Watchmen
- Fantastic Four
- Phantom (waaaaay too campy … Billy Zane in purple doesn’t work for me)
- The Hulk (the one with Eric Bana)
- Batman Forever (with Val Kilmer) and Batman and Robin (with George Clooney)
- Bloodrayne (if not for 1 particular “scene” … the movie would be unwatchable)
- Catwoman (what was Halle Berry thinking)

There have been some really good ones though. Here’s my favorite 10 (in no particular order) :-

- Iron Man
- Transformers
- X-Men series (not Wolverine)
- Spiderman
- 300
- Batman Begins
- The Crow (the first one … so sue me if I enjoyed it)
- The Hulk (the Edward Norton version)
- Road To Perdition
- The Rocketeer (also campy … but I thought it was cool)

There were some which were kinda in the gray area … wasn’t sure whether I liked it or not but worth mentioning :-

- Masters Of The Universe (kinda like it)
- Flintstones (boleh la)
- Garfield (can’t hate a cate with Bill Murray’s voice right)
- Mortal Kombat (the first one … so cool)
- Supergirl (oh yeah)
- GI Joe
- … did I miss any ?

Then there were those bad video game movies :-

- Alone In The Dark (starring Christian Slater)
- Far Cry (man this was bad)
- Doom (with The Rock … no way no how)
- Street Fighter (the old and the new … both suck)

There were some good video game movies too :-

- Silent Hill (creepy)
- Resident Evil (c’mon Mila Jovovich)

I guess there are just 2 more coming out that everybody’s excited about cos we hope they’re gonna be good …

Prince Of Persian (starring Jake Gylenhall) and Thundercats (no cast yet).

Check back with me when these movies come out and see how these 2 did and for the rest of my lists … if you don’t agree with ‘em … please do comment … I may have missed a few.

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  1. I sir, disagree with you saying "The Watchmen" was a bad comic book movie adaptation.

    If anything, it was so much of a great adaptation, that people who've read the comics a while back (like me) were let down, since there was no creative twist to it.

    Still, I thought it was an amazing movie. The soundtrack was great too, well placed scores.