Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hi … my name is JD and I’m a food-show-holic !

If you find yourself watching repeats of food shows and find yourself repeating the hosts lines or you know the recipes by heart … you’re a food-show-holic ! I am happy to tell you though, that you are not alone.

I can’t seem to stop watching repeats of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” and “A Cook’s Tour” … and he doesn’t even do any cooking on the shows. I’m not watching it to learn recipes or new cooking techniques … I’m just completely entertained by this guy.

Recently, Keith Floyd passed away and there was an endless stream of Keith Floyd repeats from his Fjord Fiesta, Far Flung Floyd, American Pie … I realized that we’d never get anything new from this charismatic man.

Who loves the BBQ guy ? I do !

Who loves Surfing The Menu ? … well … I preferred it when it was Bender and Curtis (who has his own show called Take Home Chef … love that too).

Who loves Iron Chef ? Don’t you love it when the guy says “Fukui san” ? LOL !

Whatever happened to Gordon Ramsay ? I liked his no-mistake-no-nonsense attitude.

What food-show-holic would I be if I didn’t give props to the man himself.

The original superstar chef … Jamie Oliver. Naked Chef revolutionized how cooking shows could be made interesting, humorous, informative and not stuffy. Of course, Mr. Oliver has moved on from his younger days taking on causes close to his heart from taking in problematic youth to his 15 Restaurant charity programme worldwide, taking on the British government with his School Dinners programme, getting people to start cooking more at home with their own produce in Jamie At Home and of course his Great Italian Escape (where he needed to recuperate) … if you don’t love Jamie … you’d better check your pulse.

You thought I was done huh ? … My list of loves would definitely not be complete without the voluptuous Nigella Lawson. Yummy ! Don’t really watch her shows for the cooking … you know why I watch it don’t you ? Hehehehe.

Before I finish up … can someone tell me this … why is that Sizzle guy still on ?

If you’re a food-show-holic like I am … tell me your loves and hates. Would love to hear from you.


  1. How about Andrew Zimmerman the bizarre food guy and French Leave featuring the French girl comparable to Nigella.

  2. Am loving it tooo!!! I love nigella feast the most. Her cooking is mouth watering and you can see how much calories are in there. but who cares!!! I love jamie oso...for a reason he makes cooking looks so simple, easy, cool and cincai but ultimately delicious and enjoyable...huhuhu~

    I love the old season of Ho Chak from 8tv and oso, Food all over china & also Jacky go! go! go! when they go all over the place to find a matching food name.