Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It’s no secret that I enjoy watching TV.

Some of my all-time favorite shows are all reality based … I like the element that anything could happen. You’ve got burly fishermen in Deadliest Catch who literally go up against nature.

You’ve got Bear Grylls teaching us the techniques to survive in different wild environments.

You’ve got Mike Rowe figuring out first-hand how dirty some jobs can get in Dirty Jobs (and there’s even a European version featuring former Man United goalkeeper Peter Schmeicel)

Shows like these open your eyes to things you can only imagine and then thru the magic of TV … you’re sort of experiencing it yourself but then there are other reality based shows.

You’ve got American Chopper which could very well be my all-time favorite show on TV right now.

If you’ve never watched the show which is shown on Discovery Turbo … lemme give you a quick rundown.

It’s about a family-run custom chopper (bike) business where they design some of the coolest bikes on the planet. From humble beginnings, Paul (Sr.) Teutel built OCC (Orange County Choppers) in New York state with his son Paul (Junior) and is later joined by youngest son (Mike). They’ve got great people around them which makes OCC a great company but what makes the show so great to watch is the tense moments between Senior and Junior. In the past … they worked it out and OCC grew to be this monster of a company but recently … arguments between ‘em have gotten so bad that Junior has now left the company. WOW !!! Serious stuff right ?

Another amazing watch these days is Jon and Kate Plus 8. There’s a lotta controversy and dirt on the Gosselins these days but back then … they were just another very interesting American family.

How did it all start ?

Jon and Kate meet. They get married. They have twins. 2 years later … Kate is pregnant again. No biggie right ? WRONG !!!

Kate is pregnant with sextuplets i.e. 6 kids. From then on … it was a rollercoaster of a ride for the family of 10. And it was all for us to see with a camera crew stationed at their home almost 24/7. From massive diaper changes, kids growing up, kids throwing tantrums, mom disciplining the kids, mom disciplining the dad (a lot) and it all seemed like it was working out.

Then the unexpected (although many expected it) happened. Jon and Kate go thru separation and divorce cos of his infidelity. The case is still going on but they’ve been super parents still (despite their circumstances) … making sure the kids were not adversely affected by this development.

What am I trying to get at here ?

I’m thinking … what started out as a great idea to make money and gain publicity (and celebrity) for these folks (the Teutels and Gosselins) has now taken a turn for the worse with (basically) their dirty linens for all to see. Is the money (and fame) really worth it ?

I know (at this point in my life) that I wouldn’t consider having my life invaded by camera crews and television viewers the world over. But then again … there’s still a steady stream of folks who would love to have their lives on camera.

My advice to them is to make the Teutels and Gosselins as your example. What you do after that is up to you but realize that EVERYTHING is for public consumption.

What’s your favorite reality show ? Drop in your comments and suggestions. Would love to hear from you.


  1. Well, I LOVE reality TV too... I dont know why.. I can stay at home all day long and watching tv which almost what i saw was reality tv.. Akademi Fantasia, So You Think You Can Dance, America's Next Top Model, and my lifetime Fav. " The Biggest Loser", The Amazing Race and you named it!!! I watch all Reality shows that ever made and i can watch them over and over again!

  2. love that dirty jobs show!!! I scream a lot in the episode where he have to catch a snake from the seaside. its blood everywhere man~