Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Jonas Brothers ... another Hanson ?

Lemme ask you something ... has anyone NOT heard of The Jonas Brothers ?

You might not know their music … never seen ‘em before … don’t know ‘em from Adam but you probably would’ve heard of ‘em. The 3 brothers are a cultural phenomenon. Never seen anything like ‘em before … or have we ?

Over the decades … there have been musical groups comprising of nothing but (or mostly of) family members … from The Beach Boys to Bee Gees to The Osmonds and The Jacksons and more recently Hanson, The Moffats and now (of course) … The Jonas Brothers.

Do they last ?

History has shown that they do NOT.

More often than not … the band/group either disappears into oblivion or one of the members become more famous than the others … which makes family home a little uncomfortable. Ask Donny and Marie Osmond, Michael Jackson and now probably Nick Jonas who is branching out on his own to do his solo thing. Their management has confirmed that the band The Jonas Brothers are NOT breaking up but we all know where this is going.

One hopes that he makes it big and not slip into obscurity.

Just in case you’ve forgotten the ones who also disappeared … lemme refresh your memory.

Anyone remember BROS from the 80s ? One of the brothers has branched out into acting in movies like Blade and also Hellboy. Not bad … rather respectable.

What about the group Nelson comprising of the twin sons of Rick Nelson. They only had one major song … “(I Can’t Live Without Your) Love & Affection”.

The only group that I can think of that stayed true to the cause is probably the Bee Gees albeit without one brother who recently passed away.

What about bands comprising maybe just 2 brothers (or more) ?

Oasis is currently having a tumultuous time (did they ever have a peaceful time?).

Nickleback are doing good with the Kroeger brothers respecting each other’s fame and talent.

30 Seconds To Mars … with the elder Leto brother on drums and Jarod on lead. Just wanna mention that Jarod Leto’s probably one of the few actors who can actually rock out. There have been many pretenders.

Kings Of Leon … they’re just coming out so let’s hope success don’t go to their heads.

Van Halen … Alex and Eddie are cool with each other. Can’t say the same for their relationship with their formers bassists and lead singers.

The DeLeo brothers of Stone Temple Pilots had a respectable grunge career.

Credence Clearwater Revival’s Fogerty brothers ruled the 70s.

Pantera’s brotherly alliance was cut short when Dimebag Darrell was murdered by a fan.

… and who can forget the Greenwood brothers of Radiohead … they’re doing good.

But back to the topic at hand … what do you think’s gonna happen to The Jonas Brothers ?
Do you think they’ll disappear like The Moffats or Hanson ?

I think so … nuff said I guess.

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