Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Let’s get something straight and out in the open … I am a HUUUUUGE Man United fan.
I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember.
Been supporting ‘em before they were successful … I’m still supporting ‘em now that they are successful and will continue to do so win-lose-or-draw.

I get it when Liverpool fans say they can’t stand us … hate us even. It’s cool.
I get it when Arsenal fans say that refs give us special treatments on the pitch. It’s understandable.
I can even accept the jeers from Chelsea fans.
Let’s not even get started with how the Man City fans feel about us since Tevez left.
That’s all cool with me.

I’ve got friends who support these teams and the myriad of other teams in the BPL and lower divisions.
It’s all in fun that we taunt each other.
It’s all in fun that we “give each other’s team stick”.
It’s all in fun when we say their teams suck.

So Man United lost to Liverpool. No biggie.
Liverpool fans around Malaysia latched on it like bees to honey.
I always like to say that we may lose a battle but we’ve always won the war.
Who knows what happens at the end of the season … the journey’s the fun bit of being a footie fan.

But what’s the deal with non-footie fans giving me stick about how Man United lost to Liverpool … what’s worse … some of these people don’t even play any sports.

There are rules that govern how much stick you give someone … if it’s about football :-

You CAN give me stick if …
• … you actually support a football team
• … you have actually played football
• … if you play any sport and can explain the offside rule
• … if we lose to the team that you support

You CANNOT give me stick if …
• … you don’t support any football team
• … you don’t really watch football … the “I only watch the World Cup crap don’t cut it”
• … you don’t play/watch any sports … and just watching Sports Center don’t count OK !
• … the only footballers you know by name are Christiano Ronaldo and David Beckham.
• … you can’t explain the offside rule … if you have to ask “what's offside ?” … you can &%$*# off

Everybody clear ? Thank you !

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  1. sorry..but guess i still hate MU fans for being so downright cocky
    1.yes i watch football -great source of income and sudden bankcruptcy too..
    2.I'm a big Gunner fan-and dont give a damn if the boys are too young or good looking..whateverlah...coz my main concern is winning titles..not some modelling assigments!
    3.I've played futsal and tried street soccer but Football field is too huge for someone petite to be running around in.

    and girls dont necessarily like football coz their other half forced them to or simply trying to impress anyone for that matter...Football is as exciing as..ermm Shopping?(to me la...)

    conclusion?if other teams feel like kutuking MU fans...we will still kutuk..all in the name of..sports and unity...hahahahahahah