Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Just a couple of things this week …

#1 – What the hell is wrong with my football club ?

Selling Cristiano Ronaldo might have been an amazing business deal but on the football pitch … we’re looking rather “dodgy” as the Brits say. We lack firepower up front and with the impending departure of Nemanja Vidic … our backline’s gonna look “dodgy” as well.

Over the years … all Man United fans have grumbled about how Sir Alex handles these “dodgy times … we’ve gone thru it before. The old guard is well “getting old” and he’s offloaded the oldies before in times past and there’s always been a couple of seasons where we’ve under-performed but our youngsters eventually grow up and we dominate the English and European (and World) leagues.

So … I guess this season’s gonna be one of those “trophy-less” seasons … but in Sir Alex we trust I guess.

#2 – What’s up with Malaysian drivers on weekends

So we headed down to Malacca for the weekend (a bunch of us from Red).

Great trip …great food, great conversation, great shopping at Jonker Street and we even did the whol touristy thing visiting the historic sites. But then … there’s a downside. You quickly realize how slow Malaysians drive.

It doesn’t matter what their license plate says where they’re from (Penang, Perak, the Klang Valley or even Malacca) … Malaysians in general drive INCREDIBLY slow on weekends … and to top it all off … they seem to be oblivious of folks who are trying to get by ‘em and who don’t have all the time in the world … what’s worse is when you do get by ‘em … they give you “the look” i.e. as in “you’re so rude trying to force your way thru and messing up my leisurely drive”.

Ahhh … Malaysian drivers.

#3 – Telco spam SMS

This has been going on for awhile … and I understand that it’s a marketing exercise. I can respect that it’s a tough market out there … any marketing is good marketing.


Thank you … just wanted to get these things off my chest. Did I miss anything ?

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