Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Driving around KL (and I’m guessing other parts of Malaysia as well) … you’ll see certain things that just make you go … “what’s the point ?!”.

#1 – Driving home

I’m a routine type of guy. I’ve got a certain way of doing things, I have to do it at the same time and it’s got to be my way.

So every day, I use the same route to go to work … I go at the same time and I see the same thing.

The street lights near my place don’t work. The lamp post is there … the bulb is there but there’s no light. It’s always at the corner, U-turn or at the blind exit ramp that goes to Jalan Duta from Jalan Kuching. Accident and after accident has happened in these separate places but there’s one common factor.

No one can see the danger cos it’s just so friggin’ dark there. What’s being done to sort this out ? Apparently nothing cos the lights still aren’t fixed and no one seems to care. I care … so what do I do ? I call up the relevant authorities but I’m given the run around.

So what’s the point ? … of caring … of putting up street lamps and not use it … what’s the point ?

#2 – Driving in Hartamas

If you go to Desa Sri Hartamas as much as I do, you’ll know that there’s a perpetual traffic jam at around lunchtime and around dinner time aka “habis kerja” time. The jam is caused by EVERYBODY leaving work at the same time … understandable. Also … it’s caused by a couple of numbnuts who seem to enjoy double parking their cars near the 7-Eleven-Devi’s Corner block and also the BlackHole-Pelita block (right across the fire station).

The authorities don’t seem to give tickets to these people, don’t tow their cars away … hell, these people don’t even get as much as a ticking off … whereas, in other areas around the Klang Valley, you see the authorities towing away cars that aren’t blocking anybody.

So you have to ask … what’s the point ? … or more appropriately … what’s the f**king point !!!!!

Any thoughts anyone ?


  1. Happy Birthday to u,
    Jd and Dilly the wacky DJ
    U r one year old today
    Happy Birthday to u...

    Keep the good jod ya ;D

  2. Exactly! You know, just like having those bus lanes everywhere when the buses kept dropping off their passengers at the normal lane (try obeserving along Jalan TAR & Jalan Ipoh), what's up with that?
    And here I am, risking myself of getting a ticket by trying to make use of the empty bus lanes ;p huhu...
    Really, what's the point?