Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So much has happened in a year … while it may seem like 365 days is a long time … it hasn’t been for us.

Seems more like a flash !

December 15, 2008 … that’s when it all started. Wanna know what really happened ? When we were told that we’d be on in the mornings … we sorta freaked out cos … #1 … waking up early wasn’t exactly our forte since we were (at that time) doing the (old) Red Evening Drive slot from 4pm to 8pm and #2 … could we shoulder the responsibility ?

One year on … we still question whether we can shoulder the responsibility but the “waking up early” bit has gotten easier. Still not the easiest thing to do waking up before 4am but it’s my life now.

We’ve done some crazy stuff over the year and without a doubt … Shake Our Hand To Win 10 Grand was the best (and the worst). Worst because it really took a toll on our physical bodies … our voice got all scratchy from the non-stop screaming, yelling and laughing we did at each and every venue (which was an everyday affair by the way) and our bellies grew from all the weird food we stuffed in. But it was the BEST cos we got to meet our loyal listeners every single day … we played games … we gave away prizes … we partied. What a blast ! While we were doing it … we used to wonder “how much longer can we last ?” … it seemed we lasted throughout the 10 weeks (and more).

To everyone who met up with us at all the SOH locations … we love you.

Then there were the crazy stunts that we pulled … from interviewing Taylor Swift to doing the 4Play 4Feats … and thru it all … you were there with us.

Thank you so much and may there be many many more fun things to do and we hope you’ll be along for the ride !

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