Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The other day … I was having a chit-chat with Dilly about what we did over the weekend and when it came to my turn to say what I had been up to … I proudly said “thank GAWD that the rain stopped long enough for my laundry to dry” cos I had been a little upset that I couldn’t wash my clothes cos of the bad weather … I don’t have a dryer.

Dilly then said to me … “you love doing your laundry don’t you” ? … apparently that’s what I say every week when she asks me what I did over the weekend.

Actually … I do my laundry 2-3 times a week. One day for whites, another for colored and then another for handwashing … some nicer (and more expensive) clothes deserve the special treatment.

This got me thinking. I’ve been living on my own for a heckuva long time now and I’ve been taking care of myself rather well I think. Of course, it wasn’t smooth sailing from the get-go but you eventually get the hang of it.

So here’s what I thought … if you’re about to embark on an independent life i.e. living on your own, you need to have a couple of skills to help you get by. Now I know a lotta folks living alone pay to get these things done for them … my advice is for you to try doing it on your own at least once … just so you know what it’s like.

Ok … so here we go … you need to :-

1. … know how to do your laundry !!!
Whether it’s washing by hand or using a washing machine … you need to separate your colored from your whites … otherwise … hullo pinky tighty-whities. Learn how to iron correctly also !!!

2. … know how to sweep and vacuum and mop and …
You don’t want friends and family members coming over to see you living in a dump and most importantly … YOU DON’T WANNA BE LIVING IN A DUMP !!!

3. … know how to cook a full healthy meal for yourself
NO INSTANT NOODLES !!! A balanced meal consists of a meat/fish dish and vegetables and also cook rice or something. If you’re a pasta fan … make spaghetti. If you’re a curry fan … make curry and eat with naan or something. You’ll never go hungry … trust me !

4. Pay your bills, rent, insurance, car payments, taxes, etc.
Hey … if you’re gonna live on your own … you need to know how to pay your utility bills and other services that you use … whether it’s online, at the post office, at the utility payment office itself, at the banks, etc.

5. Take care of your pets … this is the next step la !
Make sure you clean ‘em, feed ‘em and play with ‘em. Do this step only after you’ve sorta mastered the first 4.

Trust me … if you can do all the above …

… if you’re a guy, chicks will dig you cos they’ll say “you’re sooo independent”

… if you’re a girl, non-independent dudes will dig you cos they’ll think that you’ll handle all the important stuff while they hang out with their friends and watch TV … but the independent dudes will dig you even more cos as they say … great minds think alike !

What’s the moral of the story here ? The guy and girl who can take of themselves need to go out together and guys and girls who can’t take care of themselves need to grow up !

Did I miss anything here ? Please do comment.


  1. If you have housemates, make sure they also do their job equally. If i cook, you wash the dishes. If i sweep the floor, u do the moping. If i buy stuff for our house...U PAY!!! Hehehe

  2. JD, dude, when are you going to drop on by my pace to clean up and cook for me?

  3. Owh wow, you're an OCD ;) I'm loike... hehe!

  4. JD huneyyyy.. never thought you had OCD...itsss soooooo cutee.. and when u write bout the laundry... u sound like my mom..really cute..i'm imagining that you're there at the laundry area menceceh whats not about how to do ur laundry ..hahahahahahah