Wednesday, October 21, 2009


What’s the deal ?

Here I am … walking around Pavillion and head into an elevator. A very classy elevator I might add cos Pavillion is a classy place. No muzak … even better. It’s fast … it’s efficient … but then … what do I see at the back of the elevator (where tenants advertise their goods).

The advertising board (which shows a woman enjoying a drink) has been vandalized ! Someone drew glasses, a moustache and fangs on the poor woman ! WHY !? WHY ?! WHY !?

It pisses me off everytime I see some public facility messed up.

It makes me wonder … what’s the appeal of vandalizing something beautiful ?
What’s the vandal’s motivation ?

So what did I do ? I decided to drive around at night and spy on some would be vandals. I figure their MO is to hit bus stops, public phones, public toilets, malls, etc. I hit the nail on the head apparently cos after just a couple of minutes of driving around KL city at night … I happen upon a group. Dressed casually … they hang out (at midnight mind you) at a bus stop near SoGo … talk loudly … laugh … and what happens next … they start kicking the rubbish bin that’s attached to the hand rails. Happy with what they’ve done … they move on to the public phone booth nearby (which wasn’t in good shape to start with) and they yanked out the receiver.

What the heck !

I’m traumatized at this point … so I decide to drive on and get a closer look (and do a drive-by) and what do I see ? … it wasn’t just guys vandalizing the stuff … there were some teenaged girls, some men (probably in their late 30s) and some really young boys (in primary school probably).

First and foremost … what the heck are kids doing out at midnight (weekend or not).
What are the parents doing ? Where are the parents ?

I just hate the fact that these things still happen.

Who do we report these hooligans to ? The cops ? The public works department ? Dawg The Bounty Hunter ? Can someone please tell me cos I’m furious !!!

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