Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I can now (kinda) call myself … a video editor.

Well … a director/producer/scriptwriter and now also … a video editor.

After having 2 days (straight) trying to figure out how to put together a simple 5 minute video (which ballooned into a 9 minute video) … I finally did it (albeit missing hours of sleep) !

After all those years of watching my (now former) colleagues at Vision Four, Double Vision and Channel [V] … sitting and absorbing everything they did like a sponge on Final Cut Pro and other video editing software … I managed to eke out a pretty respectable video ! So YAY to me !

If you’re reading this and you either work for Adobe, Apple or DigiDesign … just want you to know I love your hardware and software and will be using ‘em in my further works … HINT HINT HINT !!! (if you didn’t get that hint … all I’m saying is that if you wanna use me as your poster child for your marketing or advertising … do email me at … would love to hear from you hehe)

All joking aside … I have to admit that this was a fun experience mucking in the process instead of just saying what I wanted in a video and hoping the editor gets my vision. This way … whatever I imagine … I can achieve (so to speak) … so James Cameron … if you’re looking for someone with vision and know-how (limited they may be at the moment) … gimme a call when you’re doing Avatar 2 !

Hey … check out the vid on ... and before you judge … remember … this was my first project. They will get better ! PEACE !

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