Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In case you haven’t heard … Dilly and myself will be embarking on another adventure … this time … we’re getting all the Red FM jocks involved as well.

We’re doing Red FM’s 40 Minute Forfeits and this time around … we’re not the ones doing the challenges ! Finally !!! Some payback !

Let’s see … previously we did the Space Shot ride in Genting …

... that was for Dilly (who screamed her a** off by the way) … and then it was my turn with the G-Force-X ride at Sunway Lagoon (it’s basically a reverse bungee where you’re launched upwards in a ball and you bounce around for hours … well … it seemed like hours to me anyway) …

... then we both had to do the last 2 challenges together.

First came the climb (yes … climb) up KL Tower … all 2000 over steps … TIRING YO !!!

… and then the “invasion”. Yup … Dilly and I had to do the colonic irrigation challenge … we had to get water pumped up our ... well ... you know !

So we’ve decided that … NO ! We will NOT be subjected to this torture … so we’re gonna get the other jocks to do it !

It has been decided that Challenge #1 would be for Aly … our resident supermodel. She’s elegant and we heard that she’s quite a horse rider. It was an amazing twist of fate when her sister Cheryl called up and suggested that we get Aly to clean up horse stables ! Sounds like a plan to me ! … and apparently it sounded good to you too so thank you for voting for this challenge over Dilly’s “get her to dress up like a baby and walk around KL” challenge.

So off we go to a stable with loads of horse doo-doo for the lovely Alison Victor to clean. Where exactly ? You gotta keep tuning in to Red FM to find out how it goes or log on to to watch the video of the “dirty deed”.

Lots more challenges coming up tho so keep following my blog posts to find out what they are and keep tuning in to find out who’s our next victim !

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