Wednesday, February 24, 2010


If you yelled out CURLING … man do you need help !

Unfortunately … I have to admit that … I enjoy watching curling as well … WHY ? No idea !

If you’ve never heard of curling … it’s a winter sport that is kinda like lawnbowling … but on ice. The difference is that you’ve got 1 person who slides the stone towards the target (or to knock the opponent’s stones as far away from the target as possible) and the other members of the team polish the path of the stone to increase its speed by “smoothening” the route.

It’s not the MOST exciting sport to watch but it’s interesting cos it does require skill and teamwork.

So what else have I been watching this Winter Olympics currently being held in Vancouver ?

Well … you can’t beat ice-hockey ! You can’t beat watching the skills on the ice, the speed and control that these athletes demonstrate is the ONLY reason why I watch this sport … well … I guess not the ONLY reason !

In ice hockey … strong-arm tactics are expected and players from both sides body-check (crash into) each other in a bid to win the puck. It’s fast paced … there’s always a threat of tempers boiling over and a fight could break out right on the ice and because the rink is surrounded by a protective clear (and hard) screen … if you’re a spectator right on the sidelines … you can catch all the action (and possibly some blood spatter) close-up ! Exciting huh !

Of course … there are other staples that you HAVE to watch during the Olympics like figure skating, speed skating, the slaloms, snowboarding action and also the luge and bobsledding.

… and speaking of luge … a tragedy occurred right before the start of this Olympics when Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili died during a training accident. There’s still some controversy over whether to shut down the luge track or not but as they say … the Games go on. If you watched the video … you’ll know how disturbing it was.

What other sports did I miss for the Winter Olympics that you found exciting to watch ? Tell me about it … I wanna hear from you.

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