Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Dang ! That was quick !

Valentine’s this year is a lil different though. It coincides with one of the biggest celebrations in the world … Chinese New Year !

You know what that means right ? Shops are gonna be closed for a whole week and I heard that florists are gonna be losing up to RM20K profits cos most folks will either be celebrating V-day on a small basis or NOT AT ALL cos if you’re Chinese … you’d probably have to do your yearly trek back to your respective hometowns for the reunion dinner and that means (if you’re not married) … you might have to be apart during this time.

If you’re married … not much issue la ! Traditionally … on the 1st day of CNY … you visit the guy’s side and on the 2nd day … you visit the girl’s side. Regardless of where you’re gonna be … you’re gonna be together anywayz … and isn’t that what’s important during V-day ?

If you’re single and have a partner … it’s a good time to test those bonds you have. If he/she loves you … they’ll have to understand that it’s CNY and you may not be together at this time … but at least can collect ang pows right ? That’s one heckuva consolation isn’t it ?

But seriously … guys … don’t mess up your relationship also la … during this time when you’re probably gonna be apart … make sure you get her gifts that can keep her occupied (and hopefully pining for you) for the duration of the holidays or the time you’re apart.

Now remember … if you’re not gonna be “romancing” this weekend … make sure you get all lovey-dovey after the CNY holidays ! It’ll be on your own time, on your own terms and also … WAAAAAY cheaper !

Happy Valentine’s and Happy Chinese New Year !

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