Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Without putting any brand names in this post … I shall attempt to share with you my experience of “cutting the cable” (so to speak) !

Having been a loyal customer of “the cable” … from the days of dial-up (we had to use a software called Trumpet Winsock to dial up the internet) … I’ve been slightly peeved that my connection’s been crap of late. So what did I do ? I succumbed to advertising … I “cut the cable” !

Excited at the prospect of not having to be “tied” down (there are a lotta puns in this post huh) … I headed to the nearest mall to look out for one of these vendors selling the wireless package … and lo and behold … FOUND ONE in Kota Damansara !

Speaking to one of their (overly) enthusiastic “customer service” reps (he’s really just a part-timer) … he assured me that … “Boss … your area ar … the signal ar … very powerful wan the signal … got station next to your apartment ma” ! So I was like “WOAH !!! SIGN ME UP NOW !!!” … and I did. He also assured me that I had a 7-day trial period and if I wasn’t happy with the service … I’d get my RM100 back.

Excited as a dog with a bone … I drove home as fast as I could (within the speed limit Mr. Policeman) … I tore apart the wrapping and hooked it up … and it booted up … first the red light comes on (manual says it’s initializing the internal hardware … ok cool) … then the orange light comes on (manual says it’s still initializing … ok … no problem) … and then FINALLY … the GREEN light comes on … oh wait a minute … the manual says all the lights come on in sequence when initializing and it doesn’t reflect the signal strength (dammit !).

OK … nooow it’s searching for the signal and the signal strength iiiiiissssss … ORANGE !!! Alamak … why so weak ?! Aik ?!?! Now it’s RED ! WHAT’S GOING ON HERE ?!?!?!

They said the signal in my area was gonna be strong … and furthermore I placed the terminal facing outward at my window ! Maybe I’ll try it somewhere else in my apartment … my bedroom … the kitchen … the living room … in another part of the living room … in the bathroom … above the water heater in the living room … ok … last resort … the balcony … YAY ! It’s … orange … why isn’t it green ?! So what do I do ? I stick it out further … and further … and further out till I’m holding the terminal in my hands with arms stretched out as far as I can and I’m on my tippy-toes already … and finally GREEN !!!

What gives ?! I’ve got to go thru SOOOOO much trouble for a strong signal ?! This blows !

What do I do now ? I’ve already said I was NEVER going back to the “wired ones” !

So now I’m in a dilemma … I’ve returned “the terminal” and I’m currently Internet-less at home.

Drop me a comment … should I go back to the “wired ones” or should I keep searching for another broadband provider ? I need one ASAP !!!


  1. hahahaha..
    its so u..
    make it sound like a funny stories even though it stress u out..

    herm..maybe u can find any other broadband co. and do make sure u got the info right , man..
    sumtimes,testimonies from ur frens might be usefull..

    and if u still feel like jumping from the roof after try all the wayarless 'tenet', reconsidering of in line again is so not getting urself killed or anything...
    gud luck..

  2. Well at the end of the day, wired would be always best.

    Problem with most of our ISP's is that they always fall back to 'at best effort' in their list of clauses.

    As soon as our govt pushes for SLA documents can we get what we're paying for!

  3. go back to wired la if u used the internet at ur home only.. much more stable connection compared to the wireless broadband.. although the wired can't be used anywhere except within the range.. hey, now the wired is wireless also ma..

  4. The 'white stick' seems ok.

    Am using it, from Muadzam in Pahang to Serdang in Kedah.