Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The last one always gives me the shivers cos it always worries me.

Remakes OK la … they take the original script and they just get new actors and stuff. “Re-imagining” a movie is worrying cos there’s only 1 of 2 outcomes … it’ll either suck big time or it’ll be awesome.

Take Halloween for example. Rob Zombie reimagined it and it was amazing … amazingly bloody and violent in certain parts … but amazing nonetheless.

They sorta re-imagined “The Hills Have Eyes” from the Technicolor version … I liked it too.

Miami Vice was “reimagined” … the TV series got a makeover session with Colin Farrel and Jamie Foxx but it just didn’t work for me. It was just weird.

There are a couple of “re-imaginings” coming up I’m worried about though … Conan and A-Team. Clash Of The Titans looks good though.

Let’s talk about what movies are coming up :-

Sequels :-

Tron Legacy
… most of the original main cast member are back. (Expectations : HIGH)
Iron Man 2 … War Machine is introduced. (Expectations : HIGH)
Wanted 2 … how the h**l are they gonna bring Angie Jolie back to life (Expectations : BOLEH LA)
Wall Street 2 … some movies shouldn’t have sequels … still … (Expectations : BOLEH LA)
Toy Story 3 … the kid grows up and the toys are left to rot … OH NO !!! (Expectations : HIGH)
Chronicles of Narnia : Voyage of the Dawn Treader … I’d enjoy it so sue me (Expectations : HIGH)
Shrek : Forever After … their world is turned upside-down (Expectations : HIGH)
Sex and the City 2 … what ?! another one ?! (Expectations : NOT GONNA WATCH IT … WHO CARES)
Rambo 5 : The Savage Hunt … another one ?! (Expectations : BOLEH LA)
Little Fockers … Bob DeNiro and Ben Stiller are back ! Yay ! (Expectations : HIGH)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows … I’m excited … are you ? (Expectations : HIGH)

Well … there we go … we’ll just have to wait and see how these movies pan out !

Did I miss anything ? Leave a comment.

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