Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pets Are Like Family

Do you have pets ?

They’re like family aren’t they ?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a dog … a cat … birds, fish, reptiles … or in my case … HAMSTERS !

I’ve been having hamsters since I was a kid. I’ve had Golden hamsters and now I’ve got Winter White Hamsters … they’re the cutest things.

I’ve got 2 girls … one’s named Olive while the other is Pepper.

Olive is the more docile one … she’s a huge eater, rarely runs the wheel and loves to be held … much like me.

Pepper on the other hand is more rambunctious … she’s VERY much like me. If she doesn’t like you … she’ll bite you. She doesn’t eat a lot but runs the wheel like an athlete possessed.

You know what they say about getting pets ? … don’t get too attached to ‘em cos they’ll pass on eventually. What do I tell these people who say these things ? I thank them for their concern but really … why wouldn’t you wanna get close to your pets ? They’re an extension of you (in some ways) and they are family. They live with you don’t they ?

I’ve had a dog (Marco) who lived with us for over 15 years … that’s REEEEAAAAAL long for a dog. I’ve had cats. I’ve had turtles. It’s no different with hamsters. You’ve got to have an emotional bond with ‘em cos they’re your friends.

Unfortunately … all good things must come to an end.

I noticed yesterday that Pepper looked really “under the weather”. Her eyes were “bengkak” and she had lost soooo much weight in a day. She was fine the day before. Once hamsters get sick … it’s pretty much it. So what could I do ? I tried to make her as comfortable as possible. I held her (amazingly cos Pepper hates to be held) and she snuggled up in my palm. She fell asleep in my hands. I gently placed her back in her cage on her “bed” and hoped and prayed for the best.

Today … Pepper rests in peace. She no longer feels pain. She has passed away … and I will always miss her.

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  1. Sorry to hear that man, RIP little hamster.

    PS: At one point in time, I used to think it was spelled "hampster". Go figure.