Wednesday, January 13, 2010


You know what they say ? … History repeats itself.

In the 90s … the fashion and music of the 60s were the “in” thing and everyone started pulling out their tight pants, Fender Stratocasters and thick-rimmed glasses. It was fun, care-free and it made hanging out at the Peach Pit (a la 90210) type places cool. My parents found it interesting that young people were dressing they way they did back in the day.

Then came the noughties … actually even towards the end of the 90s … young people were starting to dress a la the 70s … bell bottom pants, psychedelic colors on shirts, afros, head bands and the like. Even the 70s music came back in fashion … from Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to Hendrix and Joplin.

So here we are … at the dawn of a new decade … 2010. What will this new decade bring us ? Well … to start things off … we have 80s music already back in fashion and that’s not all. Even new acts are very 80s-esque. Don’t believe me ? Back in the 80s … you had flashy frontmen of bands who dressed up in gender-bending clothes (think Boy George) … you had solo artists whom you couldn’t figure out if they were “playing on this side of the field or the other” like David Bowie … and then here we are … a brand new decade … and we’ve got one of the most exciting solo artists for a while in Adam Lambert. Everything about him is flashy … very much like the 80s.

So what did we have in the 80s that I think might return to excite us (or haunt us) ?

Mullets … short spiky hair in front and a long mane at the back … HAUNT !!!!
Leg warmers a la Flashdance … excite (maybe cos it reminds me of Michael Sembello’s Maniac)
Huge earrings … Nisha’s been wearing ‘em forever so she’s waaaay ahead of her time.
Strong makeup … HAUNT !!! No one wants to wake up next to a kabuki doll !
Music … EXCITE !!! Retro is the new “in” thing now … so break out your Tears For Fears, Johnny Hates Jazz and Nick Kershaw records !

Did I miss anything ? Drop me a comment.

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