Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The year of the Tiger has well and truly started and what have I been up to ?

I’ve gotten my usual Feng Shui books for the new year for the Snake man !

So what’s in store for me (the Snake man) in the year 2010 ?

So far … business and money wise … it seems the Tiger year is good for everyone including lil ol me … BUT … I need to be wary of people around me who are (apparently) close to me who could cheat me. ALAMAK !

Hmmm … health doesn’t seem to be an issue overall except that I need to stay healthy. DAMMIT ! There’s goes those Domino’s take-outs ! Hmmm … maybe I’ll take the Veggie Lover … that’s healthy right ?

Oooh … everyone’s favorite section. Love and family life.

Let’s look at family life first … hmmm … all good here !

OK … let’s do love … DAMN ! I AM DA MAN !

Apparently … I’m quite a ladies-man although I’m shy. Hmmm … shy I agree but not the other one. Not lil ol me ! Good partners … almost anyone in the entire zodiac can hang with me but not the Tiger apparently. Dragons, dogs and fellow snakes are awesome. Hmmm … who do I know who’s a Dragon, a Dog or a Snake ? It also says here that I’m an awesome lover ! Hehehe … any takers ?

Hey … if you’ve got other "prophecies" for the Snake … please do comment ya !

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